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      Take talents as the core, and take Hou as the method
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      Wuhan Hopu Education Technology co., LTD was founded in 2004, which is an integrated IT service agency with IT technology research and development, education training, management consulting, HR service business. Its headquarters is located in Wuhan Guanggu Software Park in China.

      The company is committed to providing the high-end talent solutions for the relevant departments in the colleges and universities, as well as IT enterprises at home and abroad. Based on original ECDIO process technology and project-driven products and services, the company has developed professional personnel training system, such as the DOTNET JAVA software technology, software technology, mobile Internet technology, GIS technology, the Internet of things application technology, network marketing and management, enterprise information management, animation production and design and with the implementation of the perfect service system; Moreover, with the development of the industry technology, they are updated on a regular basis.

      So far, the company has carried out various forms of cooperations with 22 colleges and universities, such as the Wuhan university, Huazhong university of science and technology, Hubei university of technology, Wuhan university of science and technology, Hubei normal university, Chongqing university of posts and telecommunications, Henan college of education, Wuhan software engineering vocational college, Jingzhou vocational and technical college, vocational college of land and resources of Hubei province, Huanggang vocational and technical college, Hubei vocational college of science and technology, and provided more than 10000 software and service outsourcing talents for more than 1600 enterprises such as Huawei, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Tencent, Ali, among the talents, they respectively have different starting levels of  college degree, university degree, undergraduate, postgraduate, on-the-job or social youth, who won a good social reputation.

      The company has talent service bases in developed regions of IT industry ,such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing.

      The company is designated as personnel training institutions for outsourcing by the ministry of commerce, named as college students practice base by ministry of personnel exchange center, acted as Hubei IoT technology promotion center by the ministry of education information center, and is rated as one of the first "China software industry co-operative pattern library" units etc.

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