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      Take talents as the core, and take Hou as the method
      Hopu Official Website Jingning?Human Resources


      Gunggu software park

      Wuhan Hopu enterprise group is located in Wuhan Gunggu software park.

      Gunggu software park is located in Chinese Gunggu, Wuhan, which is close to the interchange of Guanshan road and South lake road, and it belongs to Hongshan district in Wuhan city. Its Planning land is 680 mu, and the total construction area is 730000 square meters with the ground area 630000 square meters and the underground 100000 square meters. It is the “software industry base for national torch plan “affirmed by the ministry of science and technology and the "outsourcing base of China service " recognized by the ministry of commerce, which is the largest software and service outsourcing industrial park in the central and western regions in China.

      At present, there are up to more than hundred enterprises in the park with employees nearly ten thousand. And the enterprises mainly include the followings. 

      一、Software and service outsourcing enterprises

      International well-known enterprises such as EDS, Microsoft, France telecom, Ericsson, Huawei technologies, Zhongguan information and domestic leading enterprises, such as Jiang Toon animation, Beyondsoft, Isoftstone, Lenovo Litai, Chuanshen information, Dida information, WISCO software, Mapgis, DM Database, East lake software.

      二、Background agencies for Financial service 

      Wuhan operation center of China merchants bank credit card, Pacific credit card center of bank of communications, customer service center of bank of communications, Huazhong financial services centre of bank of communications, business background center of China Unionpay, operating center of China everbright bank.

      三、Research and development companies as well as related supporting services

      Creative insight and electronic information service enterprises, such as  Heng Long enterprise group, ChinaRailway No 2 Bureau, Chuanshen joint information, Chiplinks Co. Ltd, China automotive systems, Panalpina, Guodian Wuyi, Endeavour electricity, Xindian electricity, Haomai electricity, Bocheng science and technology, Higheasy and CITMS.

      The construction goal of Gunggu software park is “distinct characteristics, strong strength, domestic first-class and internationally renowned". After the project completed, there will be more than 400 enterprises in the park, and 50000 jobs will be created with annual output value 12 billion yuan and tax 500 million yuan.

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