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      Chinese national development and reform commission expert Shiwei visited our company for investigati

      Release Time:2016-04-18 Origin:http://www.wfhxjd.com

      On the afternoon of April 12, 2016, the famous economist and director of institute of the national development and reform commission in the economic system reform industry Shiwei visited our company for investigation and guidance.

       In Hopu Guanggu headquarters, the chairman Xiangyang Chen, the executive director and general manager Jianzhen Wu, the executive vice President and chief technology officer Gaofei Weng,  the vice general manager and chief operating officer Qiaoling Li, the network and brand director Xengle received Mr Shiwei. The leaders of the company led Mr Shiwei to see the group’s enterprise culture, products and services, business model, mid-term and long-term programs, etc, in terms of the IT education industry in Chinese economic structure and the development trend, they carried on a thorough discussion with Mr Shiwei.


      In two days of research work, Mr Shiwei put forward that Chinese education is developing very fast, but so far, Chinese vocational education is still lack of standards. Education industry development needs to take the Internet thinking as a strong point, and the future education will be more stereo, but it is worthwhile to think what changes will happen to the education after the upgrade of industrial structure? How will education industry develop tomorrow? How to dock IT industry with the education platform? We don't call Internet + education today, while we should call education + Internet more often.


      Mr Shiwei thinks highly of our teaching training mode and the structure of the industry development, he tells that the management idea, the education policy, the product structure and the development of strategic planning of Hopu support its mainstays; and at the same time, he also hopes that Hopu will become China's vocational education incubator in the future, and hatch more comprehensive talents for the docking between the higher vocational education and industry 4.0.

      Character introduction   Shiwei


      He is a famous economist, the director, researcher and professor of the national development and reform commission and management institute industry , and he is also a member in telecommunications and economy experts committee of the ministry of industry and information technology, mainly engages in the macro economy, industrial policy, telecom, corporate research. In recent 20 years, he mainly undertakes the policy research projects entrusted by the government, in addition, he has completed nearly 40 consulting research for the domestic large enterprises and famous multinational companies in China. He is a strategic adviser in many multinational companies, and is employed as a visiting professor in many universities. 

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