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      The cooperation road is open between Jingning and MyCOS

      Release Time:2016-05-17 Origin:http://www.wfhxjd.com

      In order to promote the sustainable development of Hopu students, we perfect the employment statistics work and further improve the employment data quality. From the result of employment, we make big data analysis on Hopu teaching and management mode, to provide timely warning for students learning, and provide objective basis for teaching evaluation, which makes the teaching effortless and effective, so Wuhan Hopu enterprise group began to explore the cooperation with MyCOS. After two-month investigation and review made by the general manager of Hopu Jingning human resources co., LTD, finally it signed the cooperation agreement with MyCOS on May 10, 2016.


      MyCOS mainly helps Hopu to complete the depth of mining data of training students employment, making it become the " MyCOS " in the IT industry. MyCOS focuses on measurement and assessment of the employment ability, provides the assessment on employment ability based on database and education consulting services for many universities and colleges in China, and helps the colleges and universities to achieve the digital management of employment-oriented and result-based evaluation.
      Under the help of MyCOS professional data analysis, the employment data of the Hopu students will be gradual precision, making the teaching direction of Hopu more clearly, and it will promote Hopu students’ employment quality, and improve their all aspects such as technology basis, application skills and comprehensive quality, so they become a long-term sustainable senior talent in the IT industry; as well as better serving the society, they can live a healthy and happy life.

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