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      Take talents as the core, and take Hou as the method
      Hopu Official Website Jingning?Human Resources


      School enterprise cooperation

      Along with many colleges, The company has been committed to educating professional talents for the IT Internet industry, and it hopes to cooperate with more and more colleges to trainmore qualified IT personnel, which will promote the rapid development of Chinese IT Internet career. In the process of university-enterprise cooperation along with the collegeswe havesummarized the following several advantages: promote the reform of teaching system in colleges and universities, the teaching management of complementary advantages, enhance professional characteristics and school comprehensive strength, solve the problem of students ‘ practice and promote students employment rate and employment quality perfectly. 

      Promote the development of the integration of production, study and research in colleges and universities, the combination of teaching and production, mutual support between the two sides, mutual penetration,mutual interventions, complementary advantages, resources interoperability and shared benefits can realize the modernization of the colleges’ education and the enterprise’s management, which helps the colleges and enterprises realize a win-win situation.

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