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      Take talents as the core, and take Hou as the method
      Hopu Official Website Jingning?Human Resources


      Practical training of?the undergraduate?

      The background of Wuhan Hopu enterprise group carrying out the practical training of the undergraduate has the following three main reason : the tough situation of the college students' employment, the university curriculum system lags behind, the conflict between  the current education mode and the enterprises .
      To meet the enterprises’ actual demand for talents, Hopu independently researches the courses for college students, introduces the training teachers with a business background and rich practical experience, and use the current operation of the real project to implement the teaching case; according to the enterprise actual talent demand, it directionally cultivates skilled talents with vocational moral quality and industry knowledge in the field.
      The future curriculum development of practical training of the undergraduate is a “joint research and development system for enterprise course “, which is set outside the university system of independent management system; Students’ entrance of practical education use the base of school orientation class as a base and is supplemented by joint directional school model, which forms the standardization of students’ entrance and education process; Students’ exit  of practical education uses the enterprise’s modular demand of curriculum implementation as a path, anddrives talents’ modular cultivation by course of curriculum modularization, eventually gives employers module package delivery, and customizes training mode implementation module.
      Practical training of the undergraduate aims at college student and future training education, and this new mode of vocational education will have wide development space and prospects in China.
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